Welcome to the World Tennis Conference 4 (WTC4), the most relevant High Performance Tennis Conference full dedicated to advancing the world of tennis coaching and personal and professional evolution.

The World Tennis Conference 4 by GPTCA/SI supported by ATP 2024 has a Main Program with 65 speakers, each one presenting a key tennis topic plus:

WTC4 Tennis Next Gen Program:

At WTC4, we are passionate about fostering the next generation of tennis coaching talent. Our Tennis Next Gen Program is a unique platform for young ATP and WTA 30 years & under coaches to step into the spotlight. Selected coaches will have the opportunity to present at our renowned conference, sharing their innovative insights and strategies with a global audience of tennis professionals. This is a chance for emerging talents to showcase their actual journey and contribute to the evolving landscape of tennis coaching.

WTC4 Tennis Awareness Certificate:

Continuing education and professional development are at the heart of WTC4. Participants of our conference will receive a second certificate named Tennis Awareness Certificate, recognizing their commitment to expanding their coaching knowledge and skills. These certificates are not just a mark of personal achievement; they are valuable records that can be shared with you name in various tennis federations, tennis organization and institution worldwide. This initiative helps highlight coaches who are actively certifying in different aspects of tennis, enhancing their professional credibility and growth. We strongly believe that each coach must be trained like a tennis leader being a Tennis Ambassador in any place which is developing our sport.

WTC4 Live Panels:

Get ready for dynamic and insightful live panels during WTC4! We're bringing together some of the world's best tennis coaches to discuss key topics that are shaping the future of tennis. (Junior Tennis, Transition to professional pathway, Women Tennis, ATP/WTA Opportunities, Sports Sciences Applied, College Tennis, and others) These panels promise to be engaging and thought-provoking, offering attendees a chance to hear directly from leading figures in the sport and engage in meaningful dialogue about the challenges and opportunities in modern tennis coaching.

WTC4 Special Events:

In recognition of individuals who have significantly contributed to the tennis world making a mark in our tennis environment, WTC4 is proud to host four special events. These events will honor Dirk Hordorff, Darryl Cummings, Torben Ulrich, and Walter Clopton Wingfield for their remarkable contributions and revolutionary impact in our sport. These celebrations are our way of thanking these luminaries for their enduring influence and inspiration in the tennis community.


As every year, GPTCA Board and members are selecting the “GPTCA Coach of the year Award”. Previous recognized coaches with this award were: Fernando Segal (2021), Gilles Cervara (2022), Liam Smith (2023), personalities who had contributed in several ways to international tennis. At end of WTC4, GPTCA President Alberto Castellani will announce the tennis coach awarded.


This prize recognize the top leader, legend and personality who has contributed to create growth in our sport mainly in High Performance Tennis. Awarded icons in past years were: Nick Bollettieri (2021), Niki Pilic (2022), Dr. Jim Loehr and Dr. Jack Groppel (2023), who made significative and remarkable contribution to have better coaching in our sport. Congratulation to these recipients.


The Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association (GPTCA) is the international leading organization dedicated to educating, training, and assisting professional tennis coaches who wish to evolve at the ATP World Tour level or want to have a successful career also in women´s pro tennis.

GPTCA with the partnership with the ATP World Tour, is the only association which offer ATP Certified Courses.

Actual GPTCA Board is composed by Alberto Castellani (President) Toni Nadal (Vice-president) Rainer Schuettler and Marcin Matysik (General Secretary)

For more information to become GPTCA Member:


Segal Institute (SI) is worldwide renowned Tennis LAB and organization focused mainly in to create designing, strategies, projects, and programs to increase and create growth with high level of tennis development projects.

Founded and directed by Fernando Segal, who is the creator of WTC. His involvement together with his staff at Segal Institute are providing better coaching processes projects around the globe with different actions. Our deep purpose is to contribute creating more awareness, knowledge about key factors, innovations and projects to create growth in coaching and development in our sport.

Promoting Tennis Projects, Tennis Academy Certifications, SI Mentoring Tennis Project for players & coaches, Taylor-made designing for tennis organization and companies, Innovation process, Leadership training, books & tutorials, coaches education models, and many other actions are part of the Segal Institute LAB challenges.



Join us at WTC4 for an unparalleled experience of learning, networking, and celebration. Together, we are shaping the future of tennis!