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The Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) is the umbrella organization for tennis and padel sports and the tennis and padel associations in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to get more people to play more tennis and padel, at our clubs and at other locations. We want to increase the significance of these racket sports for Dutch society. Getting people moving and keeping them moving to make them fitter and healthier. And to unite people, regardless of their age, origin, gender, with and without disabilities.

We set up initiatives to make tennis and padel accessible, so that more people start and continue to play tennis and padel. Consider, for example, new competition and tournament formats, membership forms, apps and ICT applications. We make tennis and padel 'easier', so that everyone can participate.

The KNLTB wants to grow into a socially involved organization and leading sports association. We position ourselves as a guide in the tennis and padel world and offer added value to all players, teachers, associations and other providers. We are building a strong tennis and padel community, in which we connect all parties involved. We do this by promoting tennis and padel in all areas, renewing the offering and moving with changing needs. For everyone: for the fan in the stands, the trainer at the club, the competitive player, the casual athlete, the volunteer, the driver, the entrepreneur and all those others who love our racket sports.

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